An international product design company, performing development from initial idea to the final product.


Our core team is a group of proven experts with 7+ years of experience in different fields, including Industrial, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Manufacturing, Branding and Product Management. We have a wide range of skills and expertise that ensures the development of holistic products that leads to consistent and flawless mass production. Through the years, we have established strong partnership with Manufacturing Contractors, Component Suppliers and Rapid Prototyping Companies.

Values & principles

​The best or nothing

We do not compromise on quality, we go for perfection

We work for people

Our clients' satisfaction is our main reward


We do not force people to love what we do. We create what people love

We create products that are enjoyable and intuitive

Our client's success is our success

We focus on what our client wants to achieve with the final product


7+ years experience in automotive, corporate and startups

Over 100 projects  

delivered in total

$5 000 000 total projects budget entrust to our team

10 000 000 serial production volume per project with 100 ppm rejected


36,6 Contact manager

36,6 Head office

14 floor,

Holosiivskyi pr-t., 132, 

Kyiv city, Ukraine, 03127

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